Reach the Top with the Bicycle Lift!

User Instructions

Before you start using the lift, you should read the users instructions below or on the control panel at the starting station.

Prepare For Take-Off

Position your bicycle 10 cm away from and parallel to the lift rail (not on top of the rail). The left bicycle pedal should be in a lower position.

While standing astride the bicycle, put your left foot on the left pedal. Furthermore, place your right foot in the start slot of the start station. Stretch your right leg backwards determinedly while still keeping your right foot in the start slot. Remember, you are preparing for the coming push from the soft start mechanism.

From now on, the lift will carry you – the bicycle is there merely for a means of support. It is essential that you move the weight of your body from the bike to the start slot. To be sure this is done properly you should not be sitting on your bike seat. Stand up in your bike. After having experienced a few takes, you should get accustomed to the lift movements, and you may try to take on to your seat.

Remember to keep your hands off the bicycle brakes!


Push the green "Start" button. When the first footplate is about to arrive, you hear a sound signal inside the start station, and the soft start mechanism will start pushing your right foot, and – if performed correctly – both you and your bicycle. If you have problems keeping up, don’t cling to the footplate. You may step off the footplate anytime you want and give it a new try. The footplate that you have left will automatically unfold and disappears into the rail slot.

On the Move

In order for you to feel safe and comfortable, always remember to incline the weight of your body on your right foot and keep your leg stretched backwards.


When arriving at the exit station, gently step off the footplate before it disappears into the rail housing. Now, while still in movement, you can continue on your way to your destination.